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Education Associations & Advocates
Authoring Resources
Computers - Hardware
Computers - Software
Computers - Internet
Marc's Own Stuff
Professional Associations
School Districts by County

Authoring Resources

Web Review
Web Developer Magazine
Web Developer's Journal
Web Techniques Magazine
Web Business from CIO Magazine
Apache Week
Web Reference

Graphics Resources

Welcome to Adobe Studios
Interactive Bureau, LLC
Making Animated GIFs (part 1 of 3)

HTML Resources

Yahoo's HTML JavaScript List
Yahoo's HTML Info List
Yahoo's Web Tutorial List
HTML 3.2 Reference Table of Contents
HTML Writers Guild Website
HTML Writers Guild: Advice for HTML Authors
Dynamic HTML
Inside Dynamic HTML - Home Page
Introducing HTML 3.2
Popular Public HTML Document Type Definitions
Wilbur - HTML 3.2
Guide to Web Style: Welcome
Resources on Web Style
Validation Service
Web Communications - Publishing on the Web
WebReference.com (sm) - The Webmaster's Reference Library
What is good hypertext writing?

Scripting Resources


Cool Tools - Cookie cutter - 11/19/97
Cool Tools - Menu maker - 12/30/97
Cool Tools - Window builder - 9/24/97
get started with cascading style sheets - try the Style-o-Mattic
Voices - Charity Kahn
Web Programming and Scripting
Web Programming - 30 JavaScript tips
Web Programming - 30 JavaScript tips - List all tips
Web programming - JavaScript for beginners - more resources



Directory of /pub/perl/CPAN
Directory of /pub/perl/CPAN/scripts

The Perl Institute

PERL Reference
The Perl Institute
CGI Made Really Easy
CGI Programming Class - Kira's Web Toolbox
The CGI Resource Index
CGI World Online - Interactive Perl / CGI Scripts for the WWW!
The cgi-lib.pl Home Page
DBasics Internet Programming Services
DBasics Software Company - Free WWWBoard 2.0a Add-Ons
Free CGI Scripts
Hackercat Solutions
Matt's Script Archive, Inc.
PERL -- Practical Extraction and Report Language
Perl Net HomePage
Ride Harder Products Perl Scripts
WebScripts (Perl CGI Scripts)


DevEdge Online - View Source Magazine
View Source Magazine - All Articles
View Source Magazine - Form Submit Tip
View Source Magazine - JavaScript Tip


Reference Library -
full text books, online computer books, free to read books online at developer.com
developer.com - Learning Center: Tutorials


24 Hour Javascripts.com - Welcome/Login
Additional JavaScript Resources
Chalcedony - Other JavaScript Resources
Chalcedony - JavaScript Critic
developer.com - Learning Center: Tutorials
Doc JavaScript (SM) - webreference.com
Documentation: JavaScript
JavaScript - indexm.htm
JavaScript Sample Code
The JavaScript Source "Cut & Paste" JavaScript Library
The JavaScript World
Live Software: JavaScript Resource Center
Webmonkey: javascript collection

Inside Dynamic HTML - Home Page
Kira's Web Toolbox
Netscape Enterprise Developer - January 1998
WebDeveloper.comĘ Developer's Forum
Webteacher.com welcome

Writer's Resources

1997 World Factbook
Vannevar Bush, "As We May Think" (1945)
Smithsonian Institution
Strunk, William/The Elements of Style
Bartlett's Familiar Quotations - Columbia University

XML Resources

An Academic XML Resource
Extensible Markup Language (XML)
Frequently Asked Questions about the Extensible Markup Language

Copyright Website, The
GISTICS - Technology Adoption & Best Practices for Creative Professionals
IBM Almaden Research Center
Internet Link Exchange, The
JavaWorld - IDG's magazine for the Java community - September 1998
Jargon File Resources
SEI Open Systems
Software Engineering Institute
The Workbench - Sharing Tools for NOF since 1997
Unofficial NetObjects Fusion Gallery
Web98: Web Design & Development Conference - Show - Expo featuring over one hundred training classes and over 150 tool vendors
The Web Developer's Virtual Library
WebMaster Magazine


Amazon.com Books
IDG.COM - Books & Magazines
IDG.NET - Online Magazines
MacMillan Publishing - Que, etc. - Personal Bookshelf
McGraw-Hill Book Club
Microsoft Press Online

Online Books

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (Project Gutenberg)
The Arabian Nights by Sir Richard Burton
Aristotle's Dialectic
E-Books from gopher.vt.edu
Engines for Education
The Farce of Physics by Bryan G. Wallace
Directory of /pub/books - ftp.germany.eu.net
The Hacker Crackdown
Hypertexted Literary Works
The Internet Classics Archive
Kubla Khan by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Walnut Creek CDROM

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